Thursday, January 23, 2020

Modernizing The Crucible Essay -- The Crucible Arthur Miller Witchcraf

Modernizing The Crucible Imagine you are a director who has been asked to direct a modern version of The Crucible. Decide on how you would make the play modern and the kind of setting that you feel is the most appropriate for conveying the themes of the play. In your discussion, you should deal with what you feel are the main themes of the play that you want to focus on and how the setting will enhance and even add depth to what you have to say. Firstly, I feel that in order to make the play as modern as possible, the play has to have a feel which all of its viewers can instantly identify with, as well as being realistic when compared with current world events. Hence the setting which produces the most realistic play, as well as portraying events that viewers can identify strongly with, will therefore be the most appropriate for conveying the themes of the play. I have also decided to elaborate on the themes of hysteria, intolerance, integrity and choosing a scapegoat. For my setting, I will rely heavily on a combination of two world events that, in differen...

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