Monday, August 12, 2019

Business organization and Operations Management Case Study

Business organization and Operations Management - Case Study Example In this management style, the cloth retailers in UK especially the Moss Bros (which also operates Cecil Gee) management and staff work together as a group so as to harmonize operations such as deciding what should be invested in to the operation arrangement such as workforce, material, apparatus, power and how these resources can be easily be acquired and used to ensure that finished products meet the requirements of consumers, for instance the plan to sale of Cecil Gee and specialize in franchise business. The main aspects that should be addressed by the managers in charge of the operations management in Moss Bros are, speed, quality, dependability, cost and flexibility. Quality factor addresses the relevant or required standards in a product; speed addresses the time taken for operations to offer what is required; dependability is the extent to which the organization can be relied upon to deliver the pledges it makes to clients; flexibility addresses how fast a company can change its operations to meet new demand requirements; cost is the expenditure used up in operations and this requires that management understands these concepts for better management and organization (Galloway et al 2000). Due to the increasing economic problems in the whole world, there Moss Bros has out in place to improve its operations. The management operations in this cloth retailer was integrated to include features like empowering the executive team, simplifying the business operations especially the main sub sections; Moss, Hugo Boss and Cecil Gee, improving the product portfolio, exhibition and availability plus improving the cost effectiveness and enhancing the business efficiency (The Moss Bros Plc 2003). Since the appointment of Adrian Wright at the chief executive in the year 2002, the executive has been improving steadily; other appointments included the appointment of Philip Mountford as trading director who has a strong background in brand development, development and implementation of strategies for chains supplies. This is exactly the type of expertise that Moss Bros needed by that time to help it reduce the risk by reducing the uncertainties in the demand of clothes in the UK market. Another notable executive to be appointed was Roddy Murray as the finance director, the same year; he announced that the company had a stock of about 2.3 million sterling pounds worth of suit fabric, an amount that had decreased by less than half a million pounds in the 2004 second quarter (The Moss Bros Plc 2003). This accomplishment was attributed to the well defined supply chain operations as the company was generally aware that the adoption of market pull as a strategy would be more beneficial compared to product push. The process of business operations has been simplified since it was getting complicated because of the many formats used in the operations under different fascias which could lead to confusion in product offering and inconsistency (Galloway et al 2000). Efficient business operations has been integrated into the company's operations by the strong executive team enabling the firm to

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