Thursday, August 29, 2019

For Machiavelli, how should a leader sensibly and reasonably respond Essay - 1

For Machiavelli, how should a leader sensibly and reasonably respond to an environment where events are determined in part by fortune - Essay Example Therefore, the Machiavellian approach recommends an extremely practical approach to those situations that arise from fortune; an approach that might be frowned upon in the liberal dominated world of today. Politics is essentially influenced more by fortune than by the machinations of leaders and it is because of this that, according to Machiavelli, is to create a balance between the various interests within the state so that he can have an influence on all of them (Machiavelli: 22). The result of a balancing of interests is that a leader can be able to create a political environment, which favours himself rather than his opponents. Leaders always have to be careful to ensure that more competent or popular individuals within their societies do not take their power away and this is the reason why they have to take account of all the grievances that might arise. In most cases, rivals often take advantage of situations where the leader is in a weak position in order to press their own causes and it is because of these circumstances that a leader has to always have firm control over the state. A leader has to stabilise his power through the development of an enduring political structure be cause this is the only way through which they can retain their power (Machiavelli: 17). Therefore, if a leader wishes not to leave anything to fortune, it is essential that he provide his people with the stability and security that they need to ensure that they continue their support for him. With the support of the people over whom he rules, it would be much more difficult for rivals to take advantage of the situation to either reduce his power or depose him. When a new leader comes to power, he has to ensure that he studies the political environment carefully before making any drastic changes within the society because to do so immediately might jeopardise his rule. He must first stabilise his rule through the studying of the different actors

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