Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Free Writing - Essay Example Hence, prompting the photographer end up interested in taking the image, which is also the case it has remained to date in libraries to show utter human desperation. I think the 32 year old mother in this case is pondering the next move in her quest to find how she will feed her family of 7 children, which was not an easy given the then deplorable conditions she was then. The most interesting thing in this image is how the joyful dancers seem to try the then style while singing along the song. Style in this case refers to both dressing and dancing, which stand out in this image as evident event in the background men’s pants being of the same fashion. The image gives a bit of realities of the American African juke point where people used to enjoy themselves and forget the then period’s bigotry. Therefore, I think the image though taken many years ago to date acts as a reminder of how the then people’s social life used to be. This is despite in the current political arena many terming the period being characterized by

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