Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Skin Breakdown in acute care Pediatrics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Skin Breakdown in acute care Pediatrics - Essay Example The studies reviewed in the below emphasise the aforementioned and suggest strategies for fall-risk assessment and fall prevention. The authors propose the adoption of a data-driven, evidence-based approach for fall-prevention among elderly inpatients. The study, which includes neither subjects nor a data collection and analysis approach is, nevertheless, an extremely informative nursing guide on fall prevention. As Sherrod and Good (2006) write, the primary problem confronting nurses in elderly patient settings is falls, especially those which result in fractures. Apart from the healthcare/treatment costs which are subsequently incurred, within the parameters of elderly patients, falls are immediately linked to morbidity rates. The implication here is, as Sherrod and Good (2006) emphasise, is that fall prevention among elderly patients must be defined as the primary nursing responsibility. It is within the context of the stated that the authors identify fall prevention strategies as their research purpose. As noted in the preceding, Sherrod and Good (2006) adopt an evidence-based approach. There exists a wealth of data on fall risk factors and prevention strategies among elderly inpatients and this data, if properly and thoroughly analysed has the potential to yield important information regarding the efficacy and effectiveness of the variant fall prevention strategies and techniques. Rather than proposed a specific technique, Sherrod and Good (2006) contend that it is imperative that each setting develop its own. Certainly, nurses must be well-trained in the general causal factors and the relevant prevention strategies but, more importantly, each setting/environment has its own set of risk factors. These must be identified through a review of the relevant data and prevention strategies designed in direct correlation to those risk factors. The

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