Thursday, September 26, 2019

Current issues in dissability studies activity 5 Essay

Current issues in dissability studies activity 5 - Essay Example This approach may not be appropriate in as much as it could not reveal my neighbour’s son’s true feelings. The correct procedures that should be applied in gathering information about a disabled person include but not limited (i) monitoring the emotional changes of the boy; (ii) paying more attention to the boy’s actions, as a whole; (iii) identifying instances where the boy’s behaviour is different from that of the non-disabled boy; (iv) estimate the level of empowerment possessed by the child; (v) constantly investigating the child’s self-enhancement; (vi) paying close attention to everything about the child’s life (Brown and Brown, 2003). Question 2: After reading the Asch (2001) article, make some comments about the issues that this raises for you. What are your views on both the extreme bioethical position as expressed by Peter Singer, and the Social Justice/Social Models of Disability? Post your comments on FLO. Answer 2: Peter Singer’s extreme view about bioethics in relation to disability is inappropriate, in the sense that it neglects social justice or acceptable social model of dealing with disabled people. It is morally (and religiously) improper to carry out prenatal testing and selective abortion on any human soul; I think it is unethical for doctors or any member of medical team to make life-or-death decision for anyone; one can never deny the stupidity of robbing disabled people of their quality of life, even though they seem unresponsive to the cares and solutions devoted on them. Everyone with moral aptitude will totally disavow Singer’s suicidal tendencies, which belittle the sacredness of human soul—whether possessed in a sound physical body or not (Asch, 2001). The proponents of bioethical solutions have forgot that circumstances have helped some people who were previously disabled to regain some form of normal behaviour over a long period of time. Question 3: After reading the Beck (2002)

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