Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Interservice Cpabilities for Crisis Response Essay

Interservice Cpabilities for Crisis Response - Essay Example lly, in shall explicit various ways through, which the United States’ Inter-Service Capabilities can be improved in order to ensure that their efforts directed towards eliminating or reducing the crises in the region is improved. It is apparent that there are various issues that triggered the military conflicts in Algeria and Morocco. However, taking a closer analysis of the issues provided in the case study it is apparent that trigger of conflict in Algeria and Morocco are quite different, but the concerned individuals are majorly driven by personal interests. The effective capabilities that can be used by the United States’ Service include: Facilitating Negotiations between the Concerned Parties: It is important that the United States engage create a platform between the concerned parties in Algeria and Morocco in order to determine the root causes of the conflict thereby formulating appropriate solutions. In Algeria, there is a major problem between the Military and the central Government, the United States, through its envoys can facilitate for negotiations between the military and the government in order to create peace between the two groups through reconciliation. Peaceful negotiations are evidently more important as compared to the application of military interventions that basically involve utilization of tremendous use of resources as well as the loss of lives. Peaceful negotiations can also be extended towards countries that support violence conflicts through provision of weapons and funds i.e. in the case of Iran and Sudan. Intensive Awareness Creation among the Groups on the Importance of Peace: In as much as many countries are aware of the importance of peace in social and economic development, it seems that in many cases this information is usually overlooked. It is therefore important that the United States, through its envoys i.e. the US Naval Service or a panel of Diplomats engage in a program that would basically focus not only on military

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