Monday, September 9, 2019

Gobalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Gobalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example study will focus on the example of a Japanese company, Toyota Motors Corporation, which has slowly but surely gone up in the ranking of profitable automotive manufacturing companies. According to several recent news reports, it has taken over General Motors Corporation as the number one company in terms of sales in the biggest automotive market in the world: the United States of America. The abstract is a 150-word (or less) summary of the key points of the research paper and will inform the interested reader what the research paper is about, how the researcher gathered and analysed information, and what conclusions were formulated. The Introduction contains a brief background of the major topics that would be researched and discussed in the research paper. This also contains the research objectives of the paper, how the research would be carried out (research methods), and how the data gathered would be analysed (methods of data analysis). This portion would also lay out the key terminologies that would need to be defined in the paper, such as globalisation, corporate social responsibility, and production chains. For purposes of this preliminary proposal, the research objective would be as follows: â€Å"To assess and analyse the corporate social responsibility principles and practices of Toyota Motors Corporation (TMC) across its globalised production chain.† For the research study, the primary method for data gathering is through the use of secondary sources which are analysed under the guidance of the research objective. Secondary sources are published materials coming from the company concerned (Toyota Motors) or from other third-party sources such as journals, industry, academic, government or semi-government reports, and newspapers. The Internet would also be helpful in gathering secondary source data. These secondary sources contain important information on the topics being studied, which are the globalisation process, the production chain,

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