Monday, October 7, 2019

Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assessment - Essay Example A closed book exam, for example, requires the person being examined to rely on memory to answer the questions. Examinations are also formal or informal. Formal tests normally result in test scores or grades. A standardized test is a type of exam that is usually consistently administered and scored for legal defensibility (Thissen and Wainer, 2001). This type of exam is used in professional certification, education, psychology, military as well as many other fields. On the other hand, non-standardized tests are flexible in format and scope and also variable in significance and scope, as they depend on the person who has set the exam. Why this Assessment Instrument was Chosen This assessment instrument was chosen because it is a universal tool that is applied in many parts of the world. Moreover, it is approved and recognized by many countries, professional and academic bodies. Examination is also the best instrument of assessment because it is very valid and reliable. Almost every per son must undergo through an examination in many areas of life and hence, it is well known and appreciated by people of all races, ages, gender or social backgrounds. Importance of Examination Examination, as an assessment mode started in china and later spread to other parts of the world. Though it was historically used to select people who would serve in the government, it was later applied in education to determine the skills, knowledge and other qualifications of the candidates. ... grades from standardized tests are very useful because they determine if an individual qualifies for a certain job, professional or academic program (Phelps, 2005). In some countries, additionally, standardized tests are used to manage their institution’s quality. For instance, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) applies (PISA), Program for International Student Assessment, to evaluate certain knowledge and skills of students who may be participating from many countries. Furthermore, Phelps, (2005) states that specific governing bodies use standardized exams to determine if the participant has the permission to practice a certain profession, use a certain job title, or claim competency in certain set skills. For instance, a candidate who wishes to be a lawyer is normally required to successfully pass a bar tests by governing bodies like governmental bar licensing agency. Exams are also used to regulate immigration in certain countries. In Australi a, for example, standardized tests are used to award citizenship to immigrants after passing the citizenship test. Competition is another importance of exams. Tests are used to select participants who have success potentials in a competition like school contests. Finally, examinations are used by social or other groups to select individuals who would join their groups. Mensa International, for instance, is a society with high IQ and requires individuals to at least score 98th percentile supervised IQ test to become members (Thissen, and Wainer, 2001). Validity and Reliability Examination is very reliable as an assessment tool especially in education and other professional qualifications. Thissen and Wainer, (2001) believes that standardized exams in education should be continued because it is

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