Friday, October 18, 2019

How lifes effect the Illegal Immigrants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How lifes effect the Illegal Immigrants - Essay Example e like normal native people whereas illegal immigrants often use illegal channels for immigration which force them to live always under fear of the consequences. Being a secular democracy, America has opened their doors widely for most of the people from different parts of the country. Moreover, America is facing big manpower shortages in many fields which forced them to welcome more and more skilled professional from other countries. But most of the immigrants who immigrate to America through legal channels will try to bring their relatives and friends also through legal and illegal channels in order to exploit the possibilities in America. This paper briefly explains the life of illegal immigrants in America, based on two articles Tough-But-Fair Rules For Tomorrows Illegal Immigrants and When home is prison appeared on business week and T Don Hutto. Illegal immigrants always forced to live under the threats from the authorities. Many companies are giving employment to them in order to exploit them. Illegal immigrants would accept any type of jobs and they are ready to work for whatever the cheap salaries offered by the employer. Moreover, the employer doesn’t want to provide them any insurance coverage, accommodation facilities and any other incentives apart from the daily wages. In short, their living conditions would be pathetic compared to others in the society. The effects of illegal immigration are perceived differently by different people. Some people argue that illegal immigration is a blessing whereas some others are of the opinion that it is a curse to American people. â€Å"Many angry U.S. citizens rightly note that American business is rapidly legitimizing the residence of immigrants who have broken the law to enter or remain in the U.S† (Business Week). But their argument seem to be meaningless as many of the illegal immigrants are working only at the lowly paid sectors which an average American would never even think of. â€Å"Think farm work or

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