Thursday, October 24, 2019

David Cronenberg :: essays papers

David Cronenberg The director I chose to do my Analysis/Research paper on is was David Cronenberg. After screening The Dead Zone, Cronenberg’s work impressed me. Prior to this class I had never heard his name, even though I had seen previous works such as The Fly. Since I had already viewed this movie I resorted to alternate movies he had directed. I was able to locate The Brood and Videodrome. The main reason I chose Cronenberg for my director had to do with his style. His movies are not the typical horror flick one has come used to today. When I was younger these movies were low budget and have a character such Jason from Friday the 13th running around with an ax and a hockey mask. Today the industry has progressed to Ben Wilson from I Know What You did Last Summer running around with a sharp hook for a hand. Somewhere between these two genres Mr. Cronenberg’s work fits in. He is not obsessed with the body count as many other horror directors are and is also able to develop a plot r ather rare in this type of a film. The three films I chose were able to walk a fine line between horror and science fiction, Videodrome in particular. While The Dead Zone was more of an action film with The Brood being the most true horror movie. I can tell that none of these films were high budget, they could even be considered a little cheesy leading to a cult status. Cronenberg definitely likes the use of blood, particularly when a person is shot by a gun, quite a lot of splattering. In The Dead Zone when Frank kills himself and the sheriff shoots his mother the use of blood is quite elaborate. Frank is covered in blood when he is discovered and the mother seems to almost explode when shot. In the Videodrome everyone Max shoots has the same exploding effect. And in The Brood when Doctor Raglan shoot the little freaky kids there is the same use of blood as in Videodrome. But when the freaks or creatures bludgeon Juliann and Barton to death blood is once again splattered for effect. Also there are other similarities, all three of the films were made to appear in the cold (probably to do with the fact that they were all shot in Canada) and utilized darker colors.

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