Sunday, October 20, 2019


Angelina Jolie an icon to gay/ essays Over the last century, queer roles have transcended through numerous changes in Hollywood. On the forefront of Hollywood during the 1930s, queer roles in film were looked upon as transgressions against society and humanity. At this particular point in history, the studios took great liberty at hiding behind the newly formed Motion Picture Production Code. The code was developed due to studio heads recognition of the high trust and good judgment clause placed in their hands by moviegoers and society. Upon this recognition, Hollywood understood their responsibility to the public as demonstrating the utmost moralistic behaviors and attitudes in their films. During the rapid transition from silent films to audio enhanced pictures, Hollywood promoted entertainment in films over meaning in films that dealt with dramatic issues. This type of censored filmmaking continued into the late sixties. In reference to gays and lesbians, film studios were prohibited any sympathetic depictions of queers. As to avoid displaying any sympathetic portrayals, queer characters were often depicted as isolated, perverted, abnormal individuals. Also, it was not uncommon for queers to be subject to harsh punishment, torture or even death. Studios hoped these images and depictions of gay and lesbian characters sent a severe message to the audience about the sinfulness of homosexuality. As time has progressed queer roles have went from career threatening to trendy and now to even career heightening. Has our culture developed so rapidly over the last sixties years? This is a very difficult question to answer. Although, gay and lesbian characters and films have become more mainstream then ever, there is still a feeling of less then equality in the representation of these characters. Television has made major strides in the realm of queer characters but character developed is severely lacking. The television show, Ellen, is the most notable in t...

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