Thursday, July 25, 2019

Effective written communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Effective written communication - Essay Example Cultural beliefs and perceptions determine the way in which an audience interprets information. Therefore, understanding the audience cultural background makes it possible for a public speaker to craft the message within the audience’s cultural context. Understanding oneself marks the beginning of an effective rapport between a communicator and audience. For instance, a public speaker can only joke to the extent in which he or she is funny. Listening to the audience enables the speaker to know when to pause, repeat, or simply â€Å"allow a light moment to be expressed† (Ellis 124). Self-awareness ensures that the speaker remains in control of the audience at all times. For instance, an audience may laugh at a pronunciation error. However, the public speaker may take quick control and pass it on as a bluff. On the same note, self-awareness enables a public speaker to remain honest to the audience especially when questions are asked. By assessing personal knowledge on the subject matter, a public speaker may decide to or not to answer questions after a presentation. Providing false information may actually raise more difficult questions than anticipated. Public speaking may involve speaking to an audience with unique characteristics. For instance, a public speaker addressing an investment group needs to understand the investment context of the audience. Validating the audience’s beliefs or system of thinking strengthens the bond with the audience. For instance, the speaker might keep echoing ‘return on investment’ because that is what investors believe in. This way the audience will feel the speaker validated their heartfelt sentiments. Another important reason for audience validation is that it puts the speaker as knowledgeable in the subject matter irrespective of whether the speaker has a strong background on the subject or not. Prowess in public speaking and leadership is a continuous process of constant growth and development. One

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