Monday, July 29, 2019


WEEK3 - INTL 6000 - CLASSMATE PAPER CRITIC PAPER - Assignment Example However, it would have been better also leading off with the aid given to the Free Syrian Army, which has fuelled the conflict even more and made peace even more difficult to attain (Daily 1). The literature review also discusses the issue that the different author’s have formulated and briefly, talks about the author’s research orientation. However, it would have been better if the writer had commented on whether the author’s problem statement was clearly defined and whether the author had clearly established the relevance of the study to the issue within his literature review. However, the writer does indicate the specific problem and thesis that the author seeks to discuss in their research articles. For example, while discussing the article Intervention and Democracy by Bruno & George, the writer indicates that the authors are discussing the types of interventions that the United States should pursue in the conflict as a third party to achieve democracy in the region. The fact that the results are not new or surprising should have led the writer to comment on ways that the authors would have approached their problem or thesis differently. For exam ple, it would have been better if the writer had used the US’s threat of â€Å"consequences† if the Syrian government did not respect the wills of its people and used chemical weapons (Williams 1). The transition between different authors and articles covered in the literature review is well done. However, while the writer does cover some of the research designs and methodologies used in some studies, it is not done for most of the studies. The writer could also have indicated if the material had been written to appeal to the reader’s emotions, rhetorical, or one sided. For instance, it is clear that Gordon Hahn’s article Russia in 2012: from Thaw and Reset to Freeze is biased against the role of Russia in the conflict. The role played by President Putin, which is different from

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