Friday, July 26, 2019

Launching new product Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Launching new product - Essay Example Items like Sandwiches are very much into the ordering list of the customers. These sandwiches, burgers were found to be major source of excess calories and fat which elevates the normal physic to obese. Recently these alarming issues has spurred up many fast food retail chain to gear up for new food products which are low calories and low fat content. Keeping in view the changes in the food choice it is essential for any food outlet to introduce a new and innovated product to retain and enhance the performance of the food chain. Panera has conceptualized a new sandwich with new features to entice the health conscious customers. The Panera management basically concentrated on reducing the fat and calories contents of the Sandwiches. The sandwiches needs to served with thin slices of meat loafs with more vegetables with fibre contents and less fat. The vegetables will certainly increase the weight of the sandwich and regulate the fat and calorie content thus making it more health conscious food. The sandwiches components can be encouraged for big catering places like schools and college. As providing healthy food can be an added feature for any institution we need to oblige the managements to include our product. When we are catering our products to youth we need to concentrate more on garnish to make it look as a trendy dish. Garnishing with vegetables like carrots, leafy vegetables makes it more colorful and provides health food.

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