Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Research Report for the Business development in the engineering sector Paper

Report for the Business development in the engineering sector - Research Paper Example This calls for acute understanding of the customer expectations. Research shows that the mastery of technological and scientific disciplines is not enough to deal with the market dynamics of a technologically driven economy. There have been profound implications in the technologically driven global economy. Developing business in the sector requires engineers capable of working in different cultures and with knowledge on the dynamics of the global markets. The distinction between collaboration and competition in the sector continues to blur. Therefore, new perspectives must be developed to build competitiveness in the sector. This paper will be discussing the changing global knowledge which has driven economy and caused the engineering sector to shift from the conservative to business-sensitive approach in a quest meet the organizational objectives, business development needs and respond to the customer expectations High quality engineering services are being developed in countries w ith cheap labor (Rob, 2002). The aim is to lower the costs of labor. Developed countries like United States have been forced to look for cheaper labor to compete with China and India. Contemporary business development practices demands that interdisciplinary strategies be used to attract potential customers, develop quality products and other stakeholders (Annacchino, 2007). The modern engineering practice is bound to shift from the conservative approach of market ting and service delivery. Engineering sector is calling for innovative solution with involve cultural, social, ethical and environmental issues. Modern engineers rarely take the leadership positions in business issues (Haaf et al, 2002). The knowledge-intensive business society demands engineers with knowledge concerning marketplace and how to develop technical solutions are responsive to the needs of the society. The culture in developed countries, the free-market and demographic values offer a conducive environment for technological innovation. Business development in engineering sector shall involve empowering the engineers with sales and marketing skills (Annacchino, 2007). The brand dynamics must be understood in the sector (Rob, 2002). Technical engineers are product developers. They should be in a position to understand the market needs and competitiveness of services and products. Adding value in the engineering sector shall entail giving them the skills on developing competitive products, understanding market needs, responding the consumer expectation and means of sales (Haaf et al, 2002). This demands increased creativity, innovation and communication skills. The construction industry can develop competitive designs that address consumer concerns. This involves ensuring the stakeholders deliver quality in the construction process. There has been a long standing conflict between marketing and engineering (Haaf et al, 2002). The conflict is being addressed through integration, commercializin g of products and establishing successful development processes (Annacchino, 2007). This demands support from management to ensure products are developed in an integrated process. This marketing process takes into consideration the personality differences and capabilities of the manufacturing personnel. Knowledge management is the use of strategies to identify, distribute, and adopt experiences and insights beneficial to an engineering organization (Rob, 2002). An increasing

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