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Mickey Gral Mrs. Bonesho Comparative Cultures 12 December 2013 Islamic Terrorism: Motives and Rational Responses The Middle East is a location rooted in the traditions of many religions, including Islam. Not restricted to Jihadism, Muslims believe that there is one true God and their goal is the promotion of the religion and its ideals. Islamic terrorists seek to achieve this goal often using violence in the name of religion. While terrorism practiced among Islamic organizations such as Al Qaeda is conducted under the influence of passion and zealotry, the acts of terror are perceived by the world as an irrational act of chaos and mental confusion. Given this dichotomy the global community must respond rationally and with a coherent and consistent policy. Body: On August 14, 2007, multiple car bombings in Al-Adnaniyah and Al-Qataniyah in Iraq killed upwards of eight-hundred people (Cave). The operation consisted of four suicide bomb attacks. Behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, this was the second worst act of terrorism in history. It was also the most deadly throughout all of the Iraq War. The apprehension that led up to this deadly car bombing included tension between Sunni Muslims and Yazidis. Sunni Islam, which is the largest branch of Islam, is often referred to as the orthodox and most zealous of all the branches of Islam. The Yazidis, however, are an extremely small minority religion that is located in northern Iraq. While no group has taken responsibility for the act, the United States believes that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda were the perpetrators (Tait). Abu Jassam, regarded to be the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq during the attacks, was killed in 2007 by the United States military (AFP). This attack is an e... ...n Iraq Truck Bombings Is Raised to More Than 500", New York, NY: New York Times. 21 Aug. 2007: Web. "Christmas Attacks in Nigeria by Muslim Sect Kill 39." USA Today Digital Services, 25 Dec. 2011. Web. Cruickshank, Paul. Al Qaeda: Critical Concepts in Political Science. Milton Park, Abringdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2013. Print Falk, Avner. Islamic Terror: Conscious and Unconscious Motives. Westport, CT: Praeger Security International, 2008. Print. Mshelizza, Ibrahim. "Christians Flee Attacks in Northeast Nigeria." Reuters, 7 Jan. 2012. Web. Obinna, Ogbonnaya. "Boko Haram Is Battle for 2015, Says Chukwumerije." The Nation Online NG. The Nation, 29 Sept. 2011. Web. â€Å"‘Progress in destruction Syrian Chemical Weapons.† CNN. CNN, 06 Dec. 2013. Web. Tait, Paul. "Al-Qaeda Blamed for Yazidi Carnage." The Scotsman. The Scotsman, 16 Aug. 2007. Web.

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